• Day111

    Lindenberg in Allgau

    October 15, 2016 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 8 °C

    Journeying south towards Austria, we passed Bodensee, the biggest lake in Germany. It's so big that some of it reaches in to Switzerland and Austria. We stopped for lunch overlooking Bodensee and could see the faint outlines of the Swiss Alps on the opposite shore.

    Our final stopover in Germany was Lindenberg in Allgau, a car park reached by climbing up 7 hairpin bends in succession. The official stopover was closed for maintenance but the height barrier to the gravel and grass car park beside it had been opened.

    It was quiet, the main source of noise being the church bells from the nearby village. Will started to make a wooden lid for his beer mug using a branch of wood. Poppy seemed interested in the sanding down process, it was only later we discovered that it was the sandpaper itself she was keen on. We returned to the van to find half the sheet torn to pieces and the rest nowhere to be seen!

    We were encouraged by fellow motorhomers to take a walk around the small lake at the end of the road and are so glad we did. The sun was out and the sky was intense blue above the mix of autumnal deciduous and evergreen trees, their reflections bouncing back from the surface of the still and peaty lake.
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