• Day163


    December 6, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    We wanted to stay somewhere near Salzburg to give ourselves time to explore. Unfortunately Austria didn't have any stopovers nearby and parking outside of designated sites isn't allowed. Luckily, Salzburg is on the German border and a German town called Freilassing had a free stopover so we decided to stay there and travel the 5km back over the border to Salzburg by bus.

    Vicky had wanted to visit the Salzburg Ikea to buy a frame for the van in which to put a photo collage of family and friends. There were lots of motorway interchanges, and roundabouts on the approach and when we finally got to Ikea 3 out of 4 lanes to the car parks had height barriers on them. Vicky took the only lane she could and found that the car park of the adjacent shopping centre had a sign prohibiting campervans. It was turning into quite a stressful drive and we no longer felt as if we wanted to spend any money in Ikea so we crossed the border to the stopover, only to find it had closed and been covered in piles of rubble! Will did a quick scout of the area and found a regular car park nearby for us to stay in. Germany thankfully allows camping outside of designated sites!

    Taking in our surroundings, the air had a haze of fumes that we'd noticed on the approach to Salzburg with its two tall chimneys pumping out a mixture of steam and who knows what else. One of the things we left behind when we left Dudley was the air pollution and we have loved having cleaner air in so many of the places we've visited.

    Sitting down to lunch, we looked out to see an older man getting out of his car and going behind a small bush. Unfortunately for us, the bush was leafless and we saw more than we wanted when he dropped his trousers and squatted!

    Luckily our stay improved and we were undisturbed apart from some Bulgarian people parking their van next to us both nights to transfer goods such as tyres and washing machines to a trailer. Freilassing had decorations on the main street, including a few large trees with baubles and stars made by children from the local primary school and kindergarten. It also had an independent photography shop where Vicky found the perfect frame for the family and friends collage!
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