• Day227

    Torre Vado

    February 8, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Well yesterday we visited the lighthouse at the most easterly point in Italy and today we stopped at the most southerly town on the heel, also with a lighthouse.

    Continuing on our coast road journey we didn't travel very far, but there were numerous 'stick 'em up' white washed resorts with swimming pools and roof terraces. 'Vende' signs assailed our eyes in trying to sell investment properties. Many places had marinas with large leisure cruisers alongside the fishing boats. It was a far cry from the poverty of inland Puglia that was still fresh in our minds.

    The coast here is beautiful and varied, from high cliffs, jutting headlands and sharply incised bays to gently rounded curves that dip low to the Ionian Sea and support harbours and villages. It was in one of these places that we chose to stay. Torre Vado had a gravel car park just a stone's throw from the sea. There was easy access to the working harbour from which small fishing boats journeyed, while the ropes fastening larger tourist excusrion boats to their moorings creaked lazily as they were lolled gently by the wind which had now calmed to a warm breeze. At the end of the harbour, behind the protection of some large chunks of rock, lay a little beach where we whiled away a few quiet hours in the sun. Will had his fill of scenery and fresh air (if not fish) when fishing from both here and the rocks by the car park!
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