• Day572


    January 19, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    Today was disappointing. We had planned to drive into Barcelona and start the first of two days in the lively city for Will's birthday. When back in the UK Vicky had been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency and although the prescribed capsules seem to have made a massive difference to her energy levels, she had begun to feel very weak again yesterday and hadn't improved today. There was no way she was going to make it round a big city.

    One of the great things about vanlife is that we had no bookings and were able to easily change our plans, putting Barcelona on hold until she felt better. We visited a Decathlon sports store and picked up a couple of pressies, then a supermarket, where we got supplies for a birthday tea in the van.
    Will found a stopover in Sils, to the north east and drove us there. As we travelled through the urban landscape a brown tinged smog hung in the air. Not the most pleasant of sights!

    Sils' stopover was on a large sandy car park beside the train station. There was a little grass but signs said dogs weren't allowed on it. We've noticed there is a shortage of green grass here, except where there are sprinklers. Will managed to find a bit of scrubland at the opposite end of the parking area and we moved here so that Poppy could go to the toilet easily. Judging by the discarded tissues, it wasn't only Poppy using it as a toilet!

    While Vicky rested, Will fitted new tyres and inner tubes to the tandem and installed new brake pads. We'd both been enthused by our ride to Cap de Creus the other day and were keen to get out more on the bike.
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