• Day639


    March 27, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    The morning was taken up by emptying the toilet at one service station, filling up with LPG, diesel and water at another, stocking up with food at Aldi and a trip to Decathlon for some sports equipment.

    Leaving the hyper industrial and commercial clusters behind, we came to Tarifa; the most southerly place on the European mainland. During the journey we kept glancing out over the sea to views of Africa. It seemed so close and was a lot more hilly than Vicky had imagined.

    The town of Tarifa was packed with 'cool' types; skateboards, floaty colourful dresses, batik prints, punks, close cropped hair with long crests, ripped denim etc. There was parking along a one way road adjacent to the beautiful fine sand beach, whose sparkling aquamarine waters rolled in as white surf. It was just how you'd paint a beach if you were picturing a perfect one. Unfortunately the place was packed and we couldn't see room for a motorbike, let alone a motorhome, so we logged the mental images and moved on. The streets were overflowing with surfboard signs and advertisments for whale watching, kite surfing and horse riding. It looked like a fun place to hang out, but too busy for our liking, so we appreciated the flexibility vanlife offered and made our way west to find a quieter spot.
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