• Day662


    April 19, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    We made good progress today and pulled up at the area de autocaravanas on the outskirts of Guitiriz, mid afternoon. It was an official stopover with water and emptying facilities, but one that you couldn't see until you were right on top of it. While some places advertise as soon as you enter the town, this one, near the end of a single track road, had one sun bleached sign at the entrance to the small patch of gravel, that would have been a squeeze for two vans of our size. As well as the normal services, Guitiriz provided free electricity! Something that is very unusual in Spain.

    It was a beautiful day so we got the chairs and sat out with Poppy on the grass. We could hear the flow of water in the nearby river and birdsong from the band of pines opposite. Small lambs could be spied occasionally through distant trees and a horse was being exercised at a fast smooth gait between walk and trot.

    We felt we owed it to Guitiriz to try and spend some money, so we walked just under a kilometre past homes and fields to the town centre. We'd been looking to try the Spanish treat of churros and chocolate for months but as yet we'd not found anywhere that sold them when we'd wanted them. It was therefore with great excitement that we spotted a sign in a café window advertising homemade churros! Sitting out on a pavement table, we were brought a pile of 10 with a cup of thick hot chocolate to dip them in. The chocolate was more like custard in consistency so it adhered well to the sweet dough sticks without making them soggy. They were delicious and the pile was soon gone!

    Walking off the sugar rush we ducked behind the highstreet to a plaza with a well maintained horreo (grain store), a sun dial engraved into the flagstones and a large, grey stone church. It also had a recycling unit for small items such as batteries, mobile phones, memory cards, electrical cables etc. We could well have stayed longer here, but have a ferry crossing from Calais on 3rd May and want to avoid a mad dash at the end. Therefore, after emptying and filling the van we began the drive eastwards.
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