• Day35


    November 30, 2018 in Bolivia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Unfortunately I was still ill by the time we arrived in Sucre, so that bus was as uncomfortable as you can imagine. Kat also suffered a bit towards the end, as the bus was heated to combat the Andean nights but it was really very warm by the time we rolled into Sucre.

    Despite this we really liked Sucre, with its whitewashed walls and relaxed atmosphere. We did another walking tour but the highlight for me was going to the pharmacy to get antibiotics (which was depressingly easy if you are worried about antibiotic resistance). After a week of being ill, I noticeably improved after taking them and could finally stomach something more than a banana.

    Before getting an afternoon bus to Potosi we decided to visit the dinosaur park. It had replica dinosaurs for kids but the main draw was the tour to walk up to the cliff where you could see dinosaur footprint fossils all along it. It really was crazy to think that millions of years ago dinosaurs walked over the land which repeatedly got covered by earth and turned on its side by tectonic plate movements. One weird thing about the park is that it is basically in a cement factory. That is because there was once a limestone mountain that the factory was extracting and the cliff formed when they stopped mining as the limestone ceased. The elements then slowly exposed the footprints. You can almost imagine a worker turning to his mate one day and saying 'is it just me or are there giant footprints in that cliff?'
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