• Day11

    Life is just on the other side of fear

    August 19, 2015 β‹… β›… 25 Β°C

    Looking back years ago from now, I would never have thought I would do the things I've done today.

    Fear is a funny thing, holding you back from real living.

    Monday I saw the rainforest at his best. For 7.5 K I actually flew over the Barron Gorge National Park. Just metres above the foliage of skyhigh ancient trees, looking straight down into the depts of the rainforest. Feeling free from fear and being able to really submit to this adventure, I think is the best thing this day has brought me.

    The same feeling came over me yesterday when I was off sailing the Great Barrier Reef. For I didn't bring my tablets for seasickness, I already heard some horrible stories and just forced my breakfast... I could feel my stomache turning just now.
    When we came on to the boat our funny host did an introduction, spreading seasicknesspills for, as he said; the backpackers like the free stuff :)... I decided not to take one.

    We sailed to the outer Reef and went snorkeling on two magnificent sights. I've never really had much up with fish. I just cant be bothered staring at fish or go to an aquarium. And to be honest I never really liked the idea of fish touching me. 😝. You can imagine I never really thought snorkeling was for me.

    Boy, was I wrong! I had seen some coral before but when I finally got used to breathing throw the tube and the fact that I was floating in this deep ocean, I found this reef as one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
    Sadly, I wasn't able to take pictures so you would have to believe me on my word. Like you probably heard before the variety and colors of the fish and the coral, and even swimming within two metres of a shark, I can't descripe, only one word came to me then: majestic.

    While waving on the sundeck, overlooking the wide ocean, the sun sprakling on the waves, I sincerly loved it, like I never thought I could.



    Morgen volgt de toeristische versie met wat foto's 😝.
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