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  • Day 43

    Last day in Colombia - active ending

    November 20, 2017 in Colombia ⋅ 🌧 34 °C

    We woke up early to see the sunrise - unfortunately a little hindered by a few clouds. But the atmosphere was still magical - quietly looking out to the sea and just watching the nature around.

    Being up we made use of the slack line and - hoping that the two palm trees would still hold it - practiced with Alex and Nic from our Ciudad Perdida group. Lots of fun and a new trick for Anna: sitting start :-)

    Also, we spotted another crocodile in the bay where we slacklined - and just a couple of hundred meters from the camp. It swam in the water and seemed to chill but you never know...

    As it was our final day and we wanted not to get back totally exhausted again, we treated ourselves to a horse ride back to the park entrance. It also helped to escape most of the mud on the way to and from the inner parts of the national park. Definitely a much less strenuous and faster way to make it back - 1:20h instead of 2:30h. Plus it was a fun experience :-)

    We then took the public bus to Santa Marta (so full that we sat next to the driver :-)) and went to the nice vegan café again before going to the Airbnb to re-pack the backpacks and prepare for Quito, Ecuador and its mere 15° Celsius. :-)
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