• Day5

    Floating Markets, Mekong Delta

    April 6, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    6am alarm and an early rise in order to see the floating markets, which are one of the main attractions of the Mekong Delta. Having never seen them before and heard so many great things about them I was very excited but at the same time didn't actually know what expect. I can now say that they were different to my expectation, nevertheless as impressive. As the boat slows down numerous boats instantly attach themselves to our boat, trying to sell various fruits, all extremely cheap price and in bulk.

    I bought bananas and pineapples which were both delicious and so sweet. The pineapple was my favourite, both in the way it tasted as well as its presentation. They cut it in a way that makes it look like an ice cream and was just so so yummy and juicy. As you sit on the boat and watch what's around you, it was amazing to spectate this chaotic way of life and I learnt that tourism gives these people a large chunk of their earning.

    After departing the floating markets, we went to the rice noodle making place, where we could see how they made them from scratch. It's a simple but fascinating process to watch but also requires some skill which was learnt by attempting to do part of the process ourselves.

    Following on, we went to another island and hired bikes to go round and see the island. We visited the main temple on the island which was surrounded by a mass of trees and also the sight of a bomb that was dropped by the Americans during the war. To get here we cycled through the local housing and farming. It was lovely being able to have a personal insight into the daily lives of the people who loved there. Later, it was time to head back, stopping off at a place for lunch.

    After arriving back in Ho Chi Minh, I decided to have a snack at my favourite bakery which I have been loyal to the whole duration of my stay in the city. Marcus then wanted to see more of Ho Chi Minh as he was leaving the next day, so we went for a walk around Ho Chi Minh to see some more of the sights like the cathedral, temple and war museum.

    In the evening, we enjoyed a Korean BBQ with Clara, her partner and Marcus, followed by drinks at a bar called Layla which was a relatively new establishment and spent the rest of the evening there. Bars in Ho Chi Minh are usually a must do when your in the city as there are so many hidden in all kinds of places. This one did not disappoint. But soon after finishing up our drinks, we decided it was time for bed after a very busy day.
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