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  • Day7

    Brass Monkey Weather

    December 21, 2016 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 4 °C

    We awoke to a very frosty morning. Dave & I walked down to the bakery to pick up some fresh rolls for breakfast. You really can't beat Germany's bakeries; their fresh breakfast rolls are delicious. We decided to head to Dusseldorf to look at their Christmas Markets. We caught a train as it's easier than finding a park. The forecast was for rain or snow. Well it did neither but it was so so cold, by far our coldest day. Well every second stall was either food or Gluwein. There was 7 Christmas markets around the town. I think we did a pretty good job of seeing all of them. Well my feet think we did. There was a very strong police presence around the markets. Dave had his photo taken with a couple of them.
    We were going to call into the Essen Christmas Markets but we were too tired and cold.
    We are still struggling with the time zone. It is dark by 5pm and your body is telling you it is 9pm. Then it is so dark in the morning you just don't have any concept of time. I will never whinge about our time zone or daylight savings again.

    Photo 1 - Ice on our car
    Photo 2 - Ice at the train stop
    Photo 3 - Reibekuchen (deep fried potato cakes served with apple sauce or garlic sauce)
    Photo 4 - kids happy they found dunkin donuts
    Photo 5 - shop front of a bakery
    Photo 6 - Duesseldorf
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