• Day275


    February 5, 2018 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    Flights were so inexpensive that we opted to fly (~ 1hour) vs. taking an 11 hour bus trip to Santiago, which made for a relaxing travel day.
    In Santiago we were immediately struck with the diversity of restaurants compared to what we’d experienced in Argentina. You can find Thai, Indian, Japanese, Peruvian, etc. and many of the menus are vegetarian friendly and much heavier on vegetables. This was a welcome change from the meat-centric menus that seem to dominate in Argentina.
    While here we visited a few museums (the Pre-Columbian museum was amazing!) and walked through the city’s parks and neighborhoods. While there are some beautiful old buildings here, much of the city is a hodgepodge of ugly-ish modern high rises making it harder to love than Buenos Aires. The people were friendly and we enjoyed ourselves, but probably wouldn’t return to spend more time here.
    Our Spanish is slowly improving, but Christy has been a bit irritated that her high school Spanish has consistently been overshadowed by John’s tiny vocabulary learned from watching Narcos. He simply throws out “Porque No?” and instantly gets laughs, smiles and respect that Christy cannot match with her practical, basic Spanish. At least John hasn’t tried to break out the bad language he learned from Narcos yet – that might bring a very different kind of reaction.
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