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  • Day11

    JFK airport New York

    September 2 in the United States

    My flight from Toronto to New York JFK was delayed by over an hour due to a technical issue, so they rebooked me on a flight home via Amsterdam.

    Luckily I was able to catch my original direct flight to Copenhagen from JFK with minutes to spare. So now I can hopefully sit back and relax for the last flight home :)

  • Day11

    Fan Expo Day 4

    September 2 in Canada

    Last day!

    I had three great panels in a row today. First up was Billy Zane. Again! I went to a panel with him at HorrorHound just a week ago, but it was fun to see him again. He talked about some of the same movies, but most of what he shared was different.

    Second panel was Richard Dean Anderson who played MacGyver back in the day, and later he was in Stargate for many years. Great guy, and it was fun to hear stories from the MacGyver years, and his take on the new version of the show (he didn’t like it). There was also a funny moment when a girl in the audience asked about a commercial he did many years ago for an energy drink in Taiwan! The con organisers found it online and played it for us (and Richard of course) on the big screen which was pretty amusing.

    Last panel of Fan Expo Canada for me was, very fittingly, with Tom Wilson and Christopher Lloyd from Back To The Future. I’ve seen them in panels a few times now, but they always have new and interesting things to tell, and they don’t get the same questions every time. Tom is really entertaining while Lloyd is a bit more quiet. A kid in the audience got a “Great Scott!” from him which was cool. They were asked if more movies may come some day, but the director and producer has made it clear they don’t want that to happen. They are apparently working on a musical though!

    Generally it was a good experience to visit a Fan Expo con for the first time. I had looked forward to seeing Jeff Goldblum but sadly he cancelled. Otherwise a good con.

    After leaving the convention center I made my way to the airport, for the long journey back home. I have a short layover in New York, but a direct flight from there.
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  • Day10

    Fan Expo Day 3

    September 1 in Canada

    Long day! I went to the convention around the time the doors opened. Apparently some 130,000 people visit this convention over the weekend, and Saturday is the busiest day, so it was very crowded indeed!

    I did manage to get into my first panel of the day with the lovely Lea Thompson. She’s had a long career in film and TV, although today she is mainly directing. It was interesting to learn more about her career, and of course hear some stories from Back To The Future where she was Marty’s mom Lorraine.

    Another panel that I wanted to see was with the legendary William Shatner. Sadly it was at the same time as the Lea one. Tough choice. I did meet Shatner for a quick autograph a little later though. Of course, most people know him as Captain Kirk from Star Trek. I’m more a Boston Legal fan though, where he played one of the leads.

    I was also at a panel with the aforementioned Evangeline Lilly. She was mostly here to promote her book, so they talked a lot about that. But there were a few moments about Lost and Ant-Man too.

    The highlight of the day, or the whole trip rather, was a photo with the cast of Back To The Future. As mentioned it’s only the second time the four main cast members have reunited in almost thirty years, and who knows when it may happen again. It was definitely a once in a lifetime moment, and it was over in seconds! But I’m happy with the photo and the very unique experience.

    Later, I attended a screening of the first episode of the Charmed reboot. It doesn’t air anywhere until mid-October, I believe. It was okay, but I think I will stick with the original (starring Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs - both of whom I saw last week!)

    They also showed a clip of the upcoming season of Supergirl, and a peak at Legacies - the next chapter following The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

    After walking the main show floor for a while, I went to “Emily Strikes Back” - a live play about fandom. It was actually not bad, and had an amusing ending.

    A long day was capped with an amazing dinner at Montecito, a popular restaurant in the entertainment district. Last day of the trip tomorrow! 😩
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  • Day9

    Fan Expo Day 2

    August 31 in Canada

    Another day of pop culture! I started with a panel featuring Robin Lord Taylor who plays The Penguin on the TV show, Gotham. I haven’t watched it for a while, but I like the whole Batman universe and have been meaning to get into this show. Robin was really great and he is so invested in the show and his character, which was cool to see. He mentioned they are currently about half-way shooting the final season, and he had been on the set just the day before arriving at the con.

    I also went to a panel with Karen Gillan whom I recently saw in the Jumanji remake where she was great. She’s also in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing a character in Guardians of the Galaxy and most recently in the latest Avengers movie, which is one of the highest grossing movies ever with over 2 billion dollars in earnings! She seemed very down to earth though and it was interesting to hear about her career. I got a photo op with her a short time after the panel.

    Another acress I got a photo with today is the amazing Evangeline Lilly. Best known as Kate on Lost, one of my fav shows. She was also in the new Ant Man film that I watched the other day. I also got an autograph from her, and a preview of a book she wrote recently. I look forward to her panel tomorrow!

    Speaking of panels, my second day at Fan Expo concluded with “An Evening with the cast of Back To The Future”. It featured the four main cast members: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Biff himself, Thomas F. Wilson. I’ve met all of them before but it’s the first time I’ve seen all of them together. I think it’s only the second time they have all reunited at a con (the first was a few weeks ago in Boston for a different Fan Expo). Anyway, the panel was great. I’ve always loved those movies so it’s quite special to sit a few feet from the cast members as they talk about their experiences working on them over 30 years ago. Especially Lea became emotional talking about the love and appreciation they get from fans all these years later.

    After the panel (which was a bit on the short side unfortunately), I had a very nice dinner at a local steak house.
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  • Day8

    Fan Expo Day 1

    August 30 in Canada

    This afternoon, Fan Expo Canada started - one of the biggest comic cons/pop culture events in North America. It’s held at a big convention center where it occupies quite a lot of space. Just walking between the two main buildings takes a while!

    Nevertheless, I spent a few hours walking the convention floor, browsing the many stalls and points of interest. It’s definitely one of the bigger cons I’ve attended.

    My first panel was focused on Power Rangers, featuring Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson. I’ve never actually watched the show, however I really like Amy’s work on other stuff which was my main reason for joining the panel. I also had a photo with her afterwards.

    Tomorrow will be the first full day of Fan Expo, where the highlight is an evening with the cast of Back to the Future! 😀
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  • Day8

    Toronto Day 4

    August 30 in Canada

    After checking out of my hotel this morning, I got on the metro for the first time to visit Ontario Science Museum. It’s located quite a trek from the Downtown area where I’ve spent most of my time. Getting there involved a train and two busses which ended up taking forever, especially since there was massive construction along most of the bus route.

    The museum itself wasn’t too exciting, honestly. The exhibits were dull and not too much to explore. At least there was an Omnimax theater which was quite impressive. I watched a movie about evolution, essentially. It sounds as boring as the museum but it was actually pretty good and it approached Darwinism in a straightforward way.

    After choosing a different - and thankfully much faster - route Downtown it was time to check into my final hotel of this trip, InterContinental Toronto Centre. The hotel is connected directly with the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where Fan Expo is held. More on that in my next post...
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  • Day7

    Toronto Day 3

    August 29 in Canada

    Another hot day in Canada! This time I wasn’t in Toronto very much though. In the morning I left the city for a day trip to the Niagara region. It was a guided bus tour that made a few stops along the way.

    We first visited Niagara-on-the-lake which is a cozy little town with small, cute shops, restaurants and some charming hotels. There was also a nice view of the water from an old fort.

    Later we stopped by the smallest chapel in the world, and before getting to Niagara we went to a winery for a tasting. We tried a red wine, a white and an icewine! The latter is something I haven’t tried before but it was very tasty.

    Eventually we made it out to Niagara Falls, an incredible natural wonder that I’ve always wanted to see. When we first got there, we all went on a boat ride which gets very close to the falls. We were instructed to put on a poncho - something I thought was probably not necessary. I was wrong. As we got close to the biggest of the falls, we were completely drenched with water! One of the craziest things I’ve tried, but also very fun! It was pretty remarkable to be that close to the falls.

    Afterwards I walked around the whole area for some good photo ops, and just to see everything.

    For lunch I went to the Rainforest Cafe, a rather peculiar place with animatronic animals, like gorillas and elephants, and jungle-like sounds.

    I also stopped by the local Hard Rock Café for another magnet to my collection!

    As it turns out, Niagara is an entertainment hub with lots of attractions close to the falls. Aside from hotels, casinos and many dining options there is also a sort of amusement park, with rides, arcades, haunted houses, museums and much more. Lots of things to do! Sadly I didn’t have enough time to try things since my tour bus was heading back to the city. But overall a great day in Niagara Falls!
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