• Day29

    Portobelo, Panamá

    April 11 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    An interesting historical site, UNESCO listed. Back in colonial times, the Spanish shipped treasures from South America back to Spain, first by ship to Panama; then across the isthmus; and then loaded on the treasure galleons for the ride across the Atlantic. One of the transshipment points on the Caribbean side was Portobello. The town was built up and fortified with all defenses facing the water as that's where they expected to pirates to come from. You may recall hearing that Captain Henry Morgan led 500 pirates overland to attack a Spanish fort from the rear. This is the place where that happened.
    The first pic is the customs house and primary target for the pirates. Next is one of the forts. Third is the black Jesus: a major pilgrimage site located here. Next are typical and original ovens from the colonial period. There is a museum of African culture as seen here during the period. The 5th picture is of a mask and costumes held there. Last is the remains of a castle that was built but was no more effective than the forts in protecting the king's treasures.
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