• Day8


    September 3, 2021 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    This is another Teutonic Knights town. In this case, they expanded the town (dating to the 8th century) by building their castle in the 13th century and the town built up around them. Torun is a well preserved example of s medieval trading and government town and is now under UNESCO protection. It doesn't hurt that this where Copernicus was born.
    The 1st picture is of a granary just inside the old walls. The 2nd picture isn't a trick. The tower is leaning. There are too many local legends about this to relate. The local clay soils and differential settlement just aren't interesting enough.
    The 3rd picture is a a boy playing a fiddle. This is a similar story to the Pied Piper of Hamelin (see another post). In this case, it was frogs. The fiddler led the frogs away, saved the town, and married the mayor's daughter.
    The 4th picture is of part of the old market square with the old town hall and a building of Copernicus University visible. The 5th picture looks at some of the ruins of the Teutonic Knights castle.
    The last picture was taken along the street while I was standing in front of Copernicus' house. It is a typical street. Of interest is the sign to the left advertising Piernicki. Piernicki means gingerbread in Polish, and this town is famous for its piernicki.
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