• Day6

    Horse Riding in Ushguli

    May 3, 2018 in Georgia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    It's finally time for one of the moments I was mostly looking for: horse riding! Only 11 of us signed up for this activity, but I'm pretty sure the others will regret it 🙄
    After being assigned to our horses (as mine seems to be unnamed, I spontaneously decide to name him "Chicco"), we line up and start "riding" towards a fortress placed at the highest point of the town. In reality the "ride" is more a kind of slow walk that takes way longer than a regular on-foot one, since we continuously have to stop when somebody's horses decide it's time for a break/snack/nap... or simply take a different direction. Luckily Chicco seems to recognise in me his master (or, more likely, is simply bored of staying behind) and and brings me quickly to the front of the group, where the stable owner is leading the horses of the two first-timers.
    After reaching the fortress (that turns out to be a church, but that's just a detail... 😑), we continue towards the mountain enjoying a view that is simply incredible: it's just us, the horses and pure pristine nature... and a wee dog that keeps running around in circles at crazy speed. He either had some weed-flavoured doggy food or he is truly excited to see us. 😂

    After an hour of riding, we get back to Ushguli and we join the rest of the group at a café, that not only offers real toilets and warm food... but even a WiFi connection!
    Impressive... 😮
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