• Day4


    September 3, 2019 in Ireland ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    It's almost 1pm when we reach Waterville, a nice little fishermen town facing the ocean. The town was built on the coastline, but the mist is so thick that the Ocean below us is hard to see and the town seems to be somehow suspended, as if it were floating in the mist. I'm not sure if this town is more fascinating or terrifying... It looks like it has just come out of one of those Cthulu stories that Ludo loves so much...

    It's for sure a place you want to see once to get a better idea of the local culture and atmosphere, but living here or even just spending here more than a day I think would bring any soul to the edge of madness.
    Well, apparently not every soul: according to our guide, Charlie Chaplin used to spend here his family holidays every single year! I guess he didn't suffer from rheumatism...

    We have an hour to take a stroll and get something to eat. Given the not so pleasant weather conditions, I seek shelter in a pub, where I'm served a fantastic chowder while Ludo heads to a supermarket.

    As we leave the pub to head back to the bus, we realise that it has cleared out a bit: we can now see the shore!
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