• Day11

    Sailing in the Caldera

    September 13, 2020 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today's boat tour is very similar to the one we did at the beginning of our holiday, with three major differences: the boat is much much nicer, dinner will be served on board and we will admire the sunset from the deck.

    After a stop at the volcano (that we use to relax on board of our wooden vessel), we sail to the hot springs. However, these are not the same hot springs as last time: forget the crowd... we are literally the only boat in sight! And the water is simply spectacular: warm (but not too much) and so crystal clear that we can see the seafloor. Not to mention the floating sausages that Ludo gets me and that basically allow me to comfortably sit in the water with no need to make any efforts not to sink! 🧘‍♀️🏊‍♀️

    As soon as we are all back on board, we sail towards the island of Thirasia, where we are given another swimming option before dinner is served.
    Despite all the Covid restrictions, we still get a lovely meal consisting of chicken skewers, meatballs, rice, salad and tzatziki. Not to mention the glass of wine 🍷 that I promptly barter with a bottle of water. All with the stunning background of the Caldera. 🤩
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    Ludovico Castelvetri

    This is a remarkable day. Elisa swims roughly 10 meters in only 20 minutes, while sitting on a floating sausage and moving water around her at the same time! Amazing...

    Elisa Chieno

    Please remind me why exactly I love you. Because right now I'm out of ideas... 🤨

    Ludovico Castelvetri

    The captain got a little concerned when he realized that Eli was driving 👮‍♀️🛥️🚀