• Day43

    Tobacco Road

    February 10, 2019 in Cuba ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    The house phone rang and Mariacele (our landlady) announced 'Jesus is coming' well it was a Sunday but pretty unlikely we thought till a young man arrived and introduced himself as our guide Jesus and added quickly 'but my surname is not Christ!'
    He led us along paths through the field systems to a small farm where the owner showed us, and a pair of American ladies, how they lived and produced cigars which we had to try. Jesus turned out to be pretty poor at English but luckily the American ladies' guide was reasonable so we learnt a lot and drunk a cocktail with local rum. A bit early for alcohol but what the heck!
    Back in the town we had a light lunch and then set off by ourselves for a walk close to the mogotes. The scenery here is not dramatic but very pleasing and we were surprised by the variety of domestic animals we saw mostly just wandering around!
    We stopped back in town for refreshment (Pina Colada for Chris, beer for me) before walking the 1k back to the house. Mariacele was providing our dinner tonight, a vast improvement on our cheap one last night and then we settled down to edit photos, diary and Penguins.
    Wifi is a real problem in Cuba. Only one state provider and you have to buy tokens for it at official offices. Only one such in each town so queues are long and you have to show ID as locals are restricted in use. It took me 10 min or so to buy 1 hour of use and that is only at 'hotspots' that are not widespread. You may be reading this after we arrive back in UK!
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