• Jan26

    Day 48 - Almighty Night Sweats

    January 26 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    I had fallen asleep at 8.30pm the previous evening, leaving Jackie watching Netflix. Apparently Jackie had been monitoring my symptoms hourly & around 1am I had started to sweat profusely. She had tried to rouse me, but I was too drowsy to wake up. I did eventually wake up 12 hours later at 8.30am, but my side of the bed was literally sodden from top to bottom, including the pillows & the duvet. This was a worrying development, but on the upside I felt much better. Maybe I had sweated all the badness out!

    Feeling hungry we headed up the beach to Coral Beach Restaurant, where we had a superb breakfast. Jackie had avocado & poached eggs on toast, whilst I had mango & sticky rice. We then sunbathed around the pool. Lunch was just a solitary beer then more reading around the pool & listening to the soothing sounds of the Steve Ignorant Band - Live in Notts 2021.

    Over lunch I had marvelled that at Salad Beach every Scandinavian male sports a shit top knot haircut (Are they trying to imitate Zlatan?) & the Russian males just have shit haircuts!

    That evening, we returned to Dubble Duke, where I discovered I think that I’m all ‘beered’ out. I ordered a soda water! Unfortunately we didn’t enjoy our meal either. It didn’t help that I had lost my appetite again, but I had Arabiata spaghetti that was too spicy & garlic bread that was too garlicky & Jackie had Prawn Tom Yum soup that was too watery.

    A Hong Thong nightcap finished off the evening.

    Song of the Day: Sweaty Betty by The Macc Lads.
    Bata Motel by Steve Ignorant Band.
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    I think you are going through the menopause!! Seriously- hope you feel better soon and get your appetite back . Px

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Oh I do hope not Pam. Hopefully it was just some bug or infection I picked up!