• Day159

    Barcelona Day 3

    February 9, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    I definitely need new shoes and a pedicure! Tomorrow if it rains it will be a good day for that. I think I covered the whole city today on foot except for the beach and I measured it on the map for a total of 18 kms. It was a beautiful day but the only thing is is that the buildings are so tall you don't get to enjoy the warmth of the sun. I walked to the Sagrada Famillia, Casa Batillo, (both Gaudi concepts), the Plaza de Espana, Fira da Barcelona, Caucasian forum, stadium, museum of national history and then finally I found a little bar to rest my feet have some pinchos and a beer. Everything is so big here and they are even having a parade on Saturday and Sunday with giant dolls. I had to dodge a lot of dog crap today and watched several people just leave their dogs goodies behind. I have to say that Barcelona ranks number two as one of the dirtiest cities I have been to, never mind the constant stench of sewer and cigarettes. I found the Gaudi architecture much like caricature but impressive. I was going to visit the Sagrada Familia and the Casa Batillo but each entrance fee was 23.50 €, Kaching! Meeting with Steph tonight to teach her how to make latkes and to catch up. So glad she's not too far from here. I also woke up this morning and found out that Francisco has a beautiful rabbit and that he left a bottle of red wine -2012- for me at my door. What a nice guy!Read more