• Day18


    July 25, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    After adventuring around Banff and Jasper we drove back to our base home in Vancouver. Time to spend some more time with the Canadian family. Jays Aunty has a good friend how owns a holiday apartment in Whistler so we packed our bags again and headed off with all of the family. We squeezed 11 people into this apartment so it was bound to be a big sleepover party. We stayed two nights here and had an absolute blast, it was great getting to know the family in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoying the sun while having many drinks. We walked around whistler town, enjoyed a beautiful refreshing swim in the lake, and also did the amazing 'peak to peak' gondola ride up the whistler mountain and across to another mountain. This was amazing! It still blows me away how it can be so sunny and warm and then once you go up the mountain its cold and snow everywhere! Of course us Aussies had a snow ball fight! ❄️ We also experienced some traditional Canadian drinking games that the cousins encouraged. First of all shot gunning a beer is huge in Canada, after 3 weeks Jay has finally been able to successfully do this. The cousin also brought out a snow ski which has been turned into a shot glass ski, the ski has 4 shot glasses glued to it. We then introduced the family to some Australian drinking games and all had a ball!Read more