• Day3


    October 3, 2014 in China ⋅ 🌫 17 °C

    Just had breakfast with some really nice people from Costa Rica (David and Tatiana). I didn't really get a chance to meet anyone on the first night and it was my biggest worry about this whole trip but it's amazing how a simple question like... How long have you been in Beijing? kicks off a conversation.

    So it's happening again David is introducing me to everyone as Richard which is not the first time this has happened to me in my life. I had an incident when I worked at Tui where someone called me Richard. I was only going to work there for a couple weeks so I thought what the heck I'll be Richard. I ended up being there for 9 months! I might just introduce myself as Richard throughout the entirety of my trip to save confusion.

    Annoyingly I've already lost my e-reader during breakfast. I wanted to shed some weight from my bag but I didn't want to lose that. At least it was that and nothing more expensive or important. Just annoying. At least now I'll be more careful about my stuff.

    So I've spent the day walking around Beijing. As expected it's mega busy as China is on holiday. But living and working in London has me well prepared. I'm able to spot a gap and bypass a bunch of people and can use the shoulder barge when needed.

    Random observation: Chinese women love to rock a one coloured velvet tracksuit. Girls from Stevenage would fit in well around here.

    I decided not to go into the Forbidden City as it was far too busy (I'll post pics when I can find a computer) and in all honesty I probably wouldn't have appreciated enough to wait to get in. It's so busy that I'm playing a game called spot the foreigner and it's proving tough. Though I'm fitting in with taking stupid photos of things with no significant relevance.

    I bought a "lava" drink today (I'll post the video later). I was walking in one of the many Houtong's (I really hope there is a Chinese Wu-Tan tribute called the Houtang Clan) and saw loads of people watch this man serve a smokey, florescent orange drink through a hole in the wall. For £1 who wouldn't want one? It tasted OK but I'm fearing for my life. No idea what made it bubble and smoke like that and whatever it is I hope it doesn't kill me. This could be my last blog.

    Another random observation: Chinese people love a selfie. But very annoyingly they like to stop on the street to take one. I've accidently photo bombed a few whilst walking into them.

    I'm still alive. But who knows for how long. So it's only been a day but I'm a bit unimpressed by Beijing. I said to many people before I left that I'm not that into sightseeing and went away to immerse myself and experience the places I visit. But Beijing just feels like a place to take pretty pictures. I don't think that view will change anytime soon but hopefully hiking the "wild" Great Wall in Jinkou will change my mind.
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