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  • Day17

    Alleppey Day 2

    February 21 in Ireland ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Up at 6:30 to watch sunrise
    Walked down to village to get good view
    Then brought us around corner to go swimming
    Water was fully green
    Meabh had to swim around to boat because she couldn't get up lol
    Had Indian breakfast - chick pea curry, cous cous, omelette
    Crows stole food
    Arrived 9am
    Went to beach because woman said it was weird but was grand
    Tuk Tuk played Christmas music
    Went to Romada hotel to use pool
    Woman thought we were going in in our underwear lol
    Had buffet lunch which was probs not worth it
    Last beer before airport
    Went back to air bnb because they were looking after our bags
    Allowed me to shower which was nice
    Got uber to train station and then onto airport
    Went all back roads so he could show me kochi
    Arrived at 6:30 in really long queue for ferry
    I was so stressed
    Got in his friends taxi
    Arrived airport 7:30
    Thank god!!!!
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  • Day16

    Backwaters Day 1

    February 20 in India ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Breakfasts at 9am
    Met nice English women
    Omlette and toast
    Tried to get beer and snacks for boat but couldn't
    Booked train
    Went to houseboat at 12
    Man helped us find out which one to go to
    Angel Queens
    Absolutely stunning scenery around boats
    Chilled and read book
    Lunch was veg curry and fish and sambol
    Stopped at fish market to get food for dinner
    Saw live crab
    Bought prawns and crab
    Moored at side
    Wanted to swim but too dark
    Had dinner which was delish but lots of bugs
    Massive beetle ×2
    Scared to sleep
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  • Day15

    Goa - Alleppy

    February 19 in India ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Had to get up at 3am to go to airport
    Men carried our bags down beach thank god
    Taxi to airport
    Flight delayed 50 mins
    Had samosa and masala tea
    Child behind us kept kicking our seats on first flight
    Second flight had 2 rows between us which was nice
    Decided to get train to Alleppy from Kochi
    Told to go out and get bus
    Found it and man asked if we were getting bus to Alleppy hut we said train
    Woman said she was going as well so could help us
    Got off and got on metro
    Then got off and was sprinting around after her
    Made it to the train station but it was the wrong station and we couldn't get a train from there
    Decided to go to bus instead
    Meabh lost wheel on suitcase
    Got on government bus
    V. Sweaty but grand
    Cost us 52 rupees
    At one stop loads and loads of women got on and bus was packed
    Old woman beside Marianne said she would help us and got off on the same stop as her
    She got us rickshaw to homestay
    Went to avocado garden
    Waiter was also chef and wouldn't make half the stuff
    Asked for beer and they had to go out to shop to get it
    Food wasn't great my paneer was kinda gross
    Early night
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  • Day14

    Patnem Day 3

    February 18 in India ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Up early breakfast and yoga
    Meditation was the breathing one
    Then astaki??? With Jen
    Really enjoyed it
    Then had quick brunch and went to Palolem to go shopping
    Tried to get necklaces and said they would be ready before 1:45 because we had massages
    Necklaces weren't ready so had to rush back
    Had aruvendenic massage by man
    Good but weird
    Had to go back to Palolem to get necklaces
    Scared we were going to burn so put pashminas around us lol
    Necklaces probs weren't worth it
    Came back for yin yoga
    V nice
    Had susnet swim
    Got ready
    Buffet in yoga place
    Went back to blue bus
    Sleepy puppy
    V busy
    Came back and paid because had to get flight at 3am
    Lauren stood in poo lol
    Full moon
    Also moon upside down here lol
    Wished we could stay longer
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  • Day13

    Patnem Day 2

    February 17 in India ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Up early for meditation
    Marianne fell asleep
    Then did moon salutations with really nice teacher
    Did a headstand
    Brunch at 11
    Chilled on beach
    Went shopping with marianne
    Got brownie ice cream
    Came back for afternoon tea and was talking to nice English couple who gave us recommendations
    Dancing shiva at 4:30
    Guy teaching was crazy strong
    Walked with blocks on head lol
    Sunset swim
    Went to blue bus live music
    Guy playing called Scott who was really good
    Played wild rover lol
    We were kind obsessed
    Went to Palolem to get dinner
    Late everywhere was closed
    Went to this weird restaurant and guy told us silent disco wasn't on tonight
    Bought shantaram for 70c
    Couldn't get Tuk Tuk so had to get scooter back
    Meabh v sunburned
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  • Day12

    Patnem Day 1

    February 16 in India ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Our room not ready until 2
    Allowed have breakfast - porridge and fruit and tea
    Got into beach gear and slept and swam
    Also had brunch
    Went to restorative yoga at 4:30
    Fell asleep whoops
    Super relaxed poses
    Sunset pretty
    Outdoor shower
    Went for dinner on beach
    Lota of dogs
    Guy told us to go to silent disco but decided to go tomorrow because we were tired and it ended at 12 on sat
    Came back and chilled out and went to bed
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  • Day11

    Hampi Day 1

    February 15 in India ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Check out at 9am
    Breakfast after
    Banana porridge unreal
    Got Tuk Tuk around Hampi and saw lots of temples
    Watch tower, elephant stables (4 white elephants lol), queen's Palace, lotus temples, lion human (freddo), queen's swimming pool
    Lauren felt sick
    Marianne v hot
    Got tricked into buying 10 postcards from little boy and then only gave me 6!!!! Tuk Tuk driver saved me though
    Went to waterfall - more of a green pool
    Open Loch in August and let water out
    Trekked 2km through banana plantation and over rocks
    Rock formation was so so cool
    Water was v refreshing but kinda gross
    Marianne fell in with trousers on head hahahaha lol
    Meabh lost sunglasses into pool
    Went back to gopi to shower and change etc
    Showered in persons bedroom lol
    Had food in hostel
    Chilled out until left for bus at 6:30
    Bus was meant to leave ag 7:30pm
    Hahahaha lol
    Bus broke down and didn't arrive until 10pm
    Sitting not sleeper and no AC!!!!!
    Swapped over at 3am to sleeper bus on way to Hampi
    Got to sleep for a bit even though v bumpy
    Got out at chadi at about 7:30am and got Tuk Tuk to patnem and then had to walk with our cases to Bamboo
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  • Day10

    Goa - Hampi

    February 14 in India ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Up early for train
    Followed man to train station
    Looked pretty grim but found our seats easily
    Marianne was opposite on the window
    Lauren was too bunk and Meabh and I were middle
    We got to sit on the bottom for majority of it
    Some good views
    Lauren slept for pretty much all of it
    Got train snacks of chaí and samosas
    Also got lunch of veg biryani
    Toilet was interesting to say the least
    Cute old Indian couple got on at Hubli and were upset
    Meabh dropped shoe on head
    Were about an hour delayed by time we arrived
    Found our stop with some help and Tuk Tuk drivers were waiting for us
    Got to gopi guest house which was cute
    Had some lunch because Marianne hadn't eaten or drunk for hours
    Tried chocolate lassi for first time
    Padlocks on door lol
    Went to viewpoint for sunset
    Amazing views and lots of monkeys
    Baby monkey hurt tail because tried to jump on rock and it fell
    Came back and went around shops
    Got stuck by man trying to sell oils and incense
    Went to really cute restaurant mango tree and ate on the ground
    Had veg masala and paneer and stuffed pepper which was unreal
    Got henna
    Best valentines ❣️❣️
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  • Day9

    Goa - Vasco da Gama

    February 13 in India ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    V tired this morning because got in late last night
    Woke up at 9:30 with call from reception about booking train
    Had breakfast
    Banana pancakes
    Allowed late check at 1
    Went to pool and packed
    Got taxi from Goa to Vasco da Gama
    The HQ was actually grand
    Pool was a bit grim
    Walked around but a lot of places closed
    Went back to hotel and had lunch and waiter gave us lots of info about food etc
    Brought our WiFi for us lol
    Went shopping and bought more shite
    Woman followed me and Marianne around the whole shop
    Came upon a 100 year celebration
    Not sure what it was
    Stayed and gave a dog some water
    Lots of food stalls
    Went to Indian place around corner and had nice prawn curry for dinner
    Early night
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  • Day8

    Goa Day 1

    February 12 in India ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Decided to have lazy day
    Lauren and I got up for breakfast
    Buffet on the deck which was nice
    Then chilled at the pool
    Very funny Australian women with toy boy teaching him how to swim
    Also very loud
    Had lunch at bar in the hotel then went to beach
    Lovely markets to buy stuff
    Went to beach
    Sunset on beach
    Walked to drum circle
    Danced but felt very weird
    Then went to Alle Krishna religious thing which was good but also felt a little like a cult
    Walked back to get taxi back to resort
    Got taxi to Calungute to go for dinner and clubbing
    Was kinda like the strip in Portugal or something
    Went to dinner and there was a lovely girl from Liverpool grtting married to a Goan man so we chatted to them
    Cute flower seller
    Went to tito's and got drinks
    Underground bar smelled feet
    Indian techno
    Went to Mambos and got more drink
    Made friends with these chefs
    V eager and also high
    Made dua lipa boy buy us drinks
    Was so gas
    Invited us to aftersesh on beach but we decided not to
    Had very good nights
    Karoke with taxi man on way home
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