• Day94

    Rosary Beads

    March 1, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    So we have survived the bus journey and have arrived in Rosario, it is five in the morning and I suggest to Mark that we stay in the station, grab some food and use a decent toilet , get some cah because we ar yet again in another country. We have come to Rosario, because we were recommended it by 2 girls we met in a hostel, who live here. We met Ceci and Ana in Arrial De Cabo , lovely girls, and were proud of their city . As we pulled into the city i got a warm feeling we were going to like it here , it was civilised but with a layed back feeling. We order one of the promotions wherevyou get 2 snacks( i dint recognise the word cuerno)and a coffee turns out they were croissants absolutely delicious as well. We grabbbed a cab and gave him the address written on a piece of paper(STILL NOT CONFIDENT WITH THE BASICS IN SPANISH)I google all our hostels as to how near they are to the station and local points of interest but this one is 20 mins by car and over an hour walking so a cab it is. We arrive at the hostel just after 7.30 and were greeted by a guy who speaks no english so once again thanks Google translate. Luckily we could book straight into our room , and for the second time in the trip we have booked into a double room and not an 8 bed dorm. The painting on the wall is suggestive but The first thing we do is ........ sleep. We wake a coule of hours later and head out to take a look around . The city is just over 200 years old but the buildings are contemary Spanish and the whole feel here is something quite different. The sound of tango music rings in your ears and the smell from the bakeries wafts through the air, We arrive at the monument historica nacional a la bandera which is the museum of the national flag it is closed till 2pm so we stroll down to the river and walk along through the beautiful parks ,everywhere you go in South America there is graffiti, but its artisic graffit and a lot of itnisvthe voice of the youths trying to express theyre feeligs and thought, not at all offensive.we try to find the museum of fotbal but with the phone running out of battery and Mark unable to read maps we end up walking miles and getting nowhere so head back to pick up a paper map from the hostel . A really nice guy who works here called Menke helps us out with the local info and we set off again. We arrive back a couple of hours later and were keen to try the argentinian steak so we ask one of the guys here where we can go. They advise is that they can have the food delivered and we wait in great anticipation for our bloody steak to arrive , we get delivered a steak sandwich and although wasnt what i was waiting for was still delicious . An earliesh night for us and a wonderful day sent in Rosario, I am not dissapointed.Read more