• Day96

    Till We Meet Again

    March 3, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Today I woke early and left Mark in bed while I headed down for an early breakfast, only to find we have no water and no electric. I sit and relax planning our excursion for the day. There is still lots to do here and I really want to make the most of it. I wake Mark and we have agreed to take a trip to the Independence park, we still have a few leftovers to use in the fridge so I throw them together in a frittata , Mark pops to the shop to pick up ciggies etc and I go upstairs to pack a few things in the bag... meanwhile our frittata is still cooking in the oven, as we start to leave the hostel Mark remembers the frittata, which is just about salvageable. we walk for approximately 1 hour and arrive at the entrance. To the right of the entrance is the football stadium and I try to distract Mark, but miserably he has spotted it, so our picnic in the park is on hold for a little longer . thankfully the stadium is closed but the museum is open, and e make the most of actually finding one that is. The museum is all about the history of Rosario various struggles for independence, the various wars and artifacts of the eras.
    Finishing in the museum we walk through the park and find a picnic spot under a tree to eat our well done frittata. Mark offers to paddle me around the lake in a rowing boat, but I decline and we continue to walk through the segregated park of rose gardens and monuments. Heading back to the hostel it is a perfect day to go up the monument a la bandero, which gives us a birds eye view of the whole city. From up here the city seems really built up, as you walk the streets the buildings are so beautiful, you don't sense it.
    Back to the hostel before we head out with friends we met in Arraial do cabo , Ana and Cecil. They arrive punctually and after a quick beer in the hostel we go down to the river. The mosquitos are in they're thousands here , but as we eat dinner something drops on the table and to my horror it's the biggest cockroach I have ever seen. Everyone is screaming at Mark to kill it but instead he stabs it with his fork and waves it around in the air. The cockroach fly from the island opposite when the weather is a little cooler just to have a quick warm, then fly back again. Pizza consumed and a few campari's drunk (they are on happy hour) we say adios to the girls........until the next time xx
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