• Day139

    City Tour.

    April 15, 2016 in Bolivia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    We have managed to get ourselves roped into doing a city tour, in a way im glad as we will leave tonight and I'm interested in the history of the city. A lot of people think La Paz is the capital of Bolivia, but Sucre still holds that status even though the Government is based in La Paz. This is definitely the prettiest city we have been in Bolivia and has an amazing charm about it. We start the tour at bone street which used to be a graveyard but was given back to the a street, apparently one night two drunk men were walking along here and a ghost appeared one of them fell over and the other ran off, the one who fell over was never seen again so they buried bones in the street to ward away the spirits these were replaced about ten years ago with animal bones, a little walk took us to the oldest colonial buildings in the city. There are still quite a lot of houses constructed f adobe and as ucre has a Unicef world heritage site which means that all buildings have to be replaced with the same form and characteristics and no new buildings can be constructed. The bars on the windows aren't there to protect from burglaries they are to stop the boyfriends getting in . We then walk to the top of the city where we get a panoramic view from the original square. The next stop is cat streets where when the men went to war the women had cats to keep them company and they bread that fast that they overtook the streets but we're so aggressive that they actually made walkway either side so the cats would stay in the middle and not attack the people. The fist ever church is our next stop and then down to the main square where the various museums and houses of folkore surround it. As we are in the square we hear a band and before long the streets are full of people dressed in fancy dress childrns outfits. Today is national childrens day in Bolivia and my do they go all out.Its so nice to see the kids so happy. We walk own to the main courts of justice and when we go in there are boxes of files stacked high, its a woner anyone gets a fair trial here. Opposite is a big park with a replica of the Eiffel tower in, (well sort of ) and a little boaing lake. We finish the tour with a visit to the biggest hosital in the country, which actually takes up a whole block. I have to say the tour wasnt as good as i expected and we havent visited any of the museums, but we still have time but first must get our tickets booked for tonights bus. We get a taxi to the bus station as its a good 3km from town and when we arive we have a good haggle between he various companies and manage to get our tickets for just over 7 quid. W ctch a local bus back totown and go straight to the museums. I have to say the mask museum was my favourite with various masks from around the regions some in the dark which actually scared me. This museum also housed an area of art, of famous women and men in history that had made changes to various vunerable people. A really thought provoking display, but very cleverly done. Back to the hostel with just enough time to make a few calls to the fambo before heading to the ststion to catch our night bus . On the bus i try my best to sleep but the driver is driving like a luntic, and im aware of how many deaths theyre have been on this road , i must have drifted off as a 2 in the morning the whole bus is woken forr a pitstop, and seeing as the toilet isnt working on board its a welcome relief. Back on the bus and the road ahead sems to be more straight and i nod of again.Read more