• Day141


    April 17, 2016 in Bolivia ⋅ 🌧 41 °F

    So I wake in the morning and there is no need to have to convince mark about the weather last night as there is a covering of snow everywhere. It really is crazy the yesterday we were slapping on the suncream and today we are wrapped up in our winter woollies. The hostel we are in has no breakfast so we go to a place we've been recommended, when we arrive there the water is gushing through the ceiling so they aren't opening for an hour while they mop up, looking at the state of the place they won't be opening all day. We walk up the town and end up in the Thai restaurant to have our breakfast, the picture outside looks great but what we are served is nothing like the picture. We eat our breakfast while outside the kids are making Olaf. I honestly didn't think I would witness snow here. We eat breakfast and Mark has the idea of trekking upto the inca trail, I make it a quarter of the way up and have to turn around but Mark is insistent that he wants to carry on so I turn round and head back to the hostel. The internet is quite good this afternoon I spend a few hours catching up with my loved ones. We go back to the bar where we were this morning and they are open at last, . The sun is now beating down and as the snow is melting the streets are gushing with water, to a point where the drains look like there going to explode. As we sit and people watch it's mad how people arriving think that the ice has come from a ice machine. As we are walking along the street we meet up with various people we've met in the past few weeks as well as the two girls Sophie and Olivia from Denmark . We go and have a beer and some food with them and find they are going to the Isle of sol tomorrow the same as us. The irony of sitting here eating our food with a fire burning is quite crazy but special at the same time. Ther are 2 girls sat opposite who are topping up their own drinks with bring your own , another subtle reminder of home. We go back to the hostel and once agin watch and listen ss the storm closes in, I just hope that when we wake in the morning there isn't Snow again.Read more