• Day1192

    Thelma and Louise do Cambridge

    March 4, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

    I catch the early train to Wrexham to be greeted by my lifelong friend Judy, I have never been to Cambridge and thought I'd do a day here before heading to the big smoke of London. The journey is pretty uneventful with a quick stop off for a coffee. The satnav says we should arrive at 1538 which is when the bus is due to arrive at Papworth hospital which is where Judy is dropping me off. As we pull up outside the hospital the bus is just driving off . It wouldn't be me without drama and Judy hastily gives chase flashing the bus to stop but there is no one at the next 2stops and eventually pulls over at the third. I've just got my case off the backseat and don't even get to say goodbye as the bus starts to pull off without me on it. After screaming and waving my hands in the air the driver sees me and lets me on.
    I arrive in Cambridge just after 4pm but literally drop my bag and head out. The city is full of beautiful college's and old buildings, the oldest dating back to AD1000–1050 st Benet's church. As I walk down winding streets I encountered a few dead ends as some of the college grounds are closed to the public with it being so late in the day. The benefit is the sun setting lights up the beautiful stone of the buildings.
    The river Cam runs around the city and as I walk along the rivers edge old bridges cross me in and out the city with canoeists drifting underneath them. The city itself is full of shops and high-end retailers. I grab a bite to eat before walking back to the Airbnb. I hit the sack as I have an early bus to London in the morning and will be doing a good deal of walking tomorrow. I don't feel I've done enough of this lovely city but have thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen. Next stop London 🥰
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