• Day2444

    Day by the pool

    August 7 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    I wake early this morning and take advantage of the inclusive breakfast. I make my plans for onward travel to amed and although I'm missing out Ubud I'm not too bothered as apparently it's really touristy and busy . Travel here is predominantly by motorbike but as I've got my big rucksack id rather pay the extra and share a minibus. I've been recommended a place by Nico so book that as well and I'm excited to get up north and explore. In the morning I take a walk out and it's rained overnight I don't see it coming but a car drives through the biggest puddle and soaks me from the waist down, thank god here it doesn't take long to dry out. A little later Bobby takes me out for a little explore around on the bike and drops me back to the hotel just after lunch before he heads off for central Bali. I head to the pool for a few hours before going down the beach. It's really strange how after being on the islands your back to another way of life with the offerings outside every shop and the numerous kites floating in the sky. At the beach I have a cocktail and the glass comes covered in cornflakes, certainly not something I've experienced before but I enjoy it apart from the soggy cornflakes floating in the bottom as I reach the end of it. I meet Tim and Joke by the pool and honestly we laugh so much especially when Tim tries to explain why corn flakes were invented (trust me Google it) Its definitely my last night with Tim and Joke tonight so we've arranged to go out for dinner and a few drinks. We end up in a reggae bar and they have Arak cocktails which of course we have to sample. The live band is brilliant and me and Joke dance the night away and at one point head to dance in the rain just to cool down. I crash into bed just after midnight setting my alarm for 6amRead more