• Day19

    Byron to Brisbane and all that's between

    October 4, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Started the day by picking up my rental car in Byron. Luck would have that today was a gorgeous day... of course I missed that in Byron.

    Anyway I threw on some road trip music and headed up the coast with a mission of stopping at all the beaches. I got through a few before I needed to get out of the sun. Started at Burleigh beach, then Miami where I hung out for a while catching a few rays, then Mermaid and then up to Broadbeach. By this time I was feeling the sun so I went to the mall to grab some things from K-mart. I can see the appeal of this place. Super jealous we don't have one.

    After changing my mind about going to any of the world's(sea, dream, etc) I went on a cool little road trip up to Twin Falls. Very glad I made this decision. It was only a 4 km hike... that was supposed to take 2-3hrs. I did it in just over one? Must have been thanks to Dale's message about all the creatures that are here to kill me... may have walked a little faster. Saw a little wallaby.. I think, or a teeny kangaroo. Either way scared the crap out of me!

    After that it was just a drive to Brisbane... took another hour or so... a little extra with traffic and having to go around the block a bunch of times. But I made it... safe and sound and with an extra hour to my day because apparently Queensland doesn't have day light savings.

    Successful day of driving on the wrong side of the road✔
    Day learning how bad I apply sunscreen... ✔ (just a few silly spots hehe)

    👣's: 13710 - 9.69 km
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