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  • Day30

    Taormina, Italy

    May 4, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Day 30 Taormina Sicily

    Wow at the 30 day mark. Where has the last month gone.

    I am in beautiful Taormina.
    Only here for 1 day but i spent most of it at Isola Bella and down the main shopping street.

    Isola bella is basically a beach with this little island that has a a house type thing in it.
    But the whole scene is very beautiful.
    Here i sat in a lounge chair and drank (3) pinacoldas.
    BUT, it took me 30 mins of STAIRS to get to and from it.
    It wasn't raining for once, but was pretty overcast for most of the day. I was hoping to get a tan after 4 weeks of wearing jeans, but alas, my legs remain pale.
    I did get a massage tho.

    The city is on a hill like Cefalu so wandering around met any time i went downhill, id eventually have to go back up.
    Needless to say, my calves are now rock solid.

    Here ive had my first encounter of the Mt Etna stuff. They sell lots of stuff supposedly made of lava stone.

    I head to Catania tomorrow, my final stop in Sicily and of my trip all together. (Besides getting back to Rome to fly home.)

    Also i found some of those flowers we have in the front garden. But these were a purple version.
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