• Day23

    Puerto Escondido

    May 12 in Mexico ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    With a short layover in Mexico city I arrived at Puerto Escondido in the late evening. A place a lot of people on my travels told me to go to.

    My workaway host wasnt answering my calls so I had to book a hostel in last minute.
    I picked a random one ("Casa Punta") wich was close to the beach and it turned out that it was an absolute lucky choice.
    The people there integrated me right away, so I left my luggage at my bed and joined them to the local salsa club.

    That night I connected to the hostel manager of Casa Punta wich provides me the possibility of teaching yoga classes on their rooftop on a daily base! Couldn't have asked for more!

    I am preparing a 5x per week programm and giving it away for free. It's really challenging to create 5 different Flows. For the first one I extended the one I had in my practical exam to 50min and the second one o orientated on the Sun Salutations. You will get to know these hopefully :) There are different options given so every level can participate.
    The two classes until now went very well and the people were super relaxed afterwards 🤗
    Tomorrow is gonna be the third one, always after sunset around 8:30 pm.

    Nevertheless I went the next day to my workaway place wich is 30min walking distance from the center of "La Punta", the surf & gastronomy hotspot where also Casa Punta is.
    It is a Eco Community initiated by a Belgium guy named Alec. With me there live 9 other people from all over the globe.
    Everyone of us gets is daily tasks and when they are absolved we are free. The tasks don't take much time, maybe 1 hour. So for example you help cooking, clean the house or feed the animals. It's a pretty solid system wich allows the place to run by itself. I only pay 80 Pesos (4€) per day for food and am living in a big room with double bed and one roommate from UK.
    There's always more stuff that can be done and I mostly help around 2 or 3 hours per day in construction work until it gets too hot.

    Right now I am preparing my yoga class and watching the sun go down (-> last pic).
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