• Day16

    Cristmas Day

    December 25, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 0 °C

    What a magical day we have had with our German relatives for Christmas. After an extremely late night last night (like 0130 this morning) we did all sleep in till about 9am but I still felt exhausted. With a slow start we watched Philipp prepare two geese for Christmas dinner at Sonja’s. One in his oven, and one in the neighbour’s oven. 4.5 hours on low heat. It was soooo worth the wait.

    Karla joined the three families for dinner in a beautifully decorated dining table as we had goose, red cabbage and potato dumplings. This was boiled potatoes that were then mashed and then mixed with something soft and rolled into balls. My kids called them potato balls but that doesn’t really do them justice. I can’t really explain goose but the meat was so soft and tender and was more like duck than turkey. Kyles I think you would love it.
    It was stuffed with plums and then covered with a beautiful gravy as it was served. The meal was enjoyed with great wine and conversation in both German and English depending on who was talking, but everybody was so understanding of my lack of German.

    For dessert Sonja made a mascarpone and Katrin made chocolate mousse. Both were sensational!

    It was so special to see our kids play with Sonja’s kids even though they didn’t know one another. Hide and seek outside in 2 degrees in the dark was loved by all. My boys didn’t want to leave.

    Tonight we are in bed at 10.30pm which is early by European standards but we are all exhausted. Tomorrow is boxing day but the Germans call it the second Christmas. I am hoping it will start with a sleep in.

    Merry Christmas everybody! Xxx
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