• Day10


    October 12, 2018 in Ireland

    There was a violent storm predicted for this area last night, code Orange. It passed us by but we had rain and severe winds nevertheless. The Main Street of Clifden was almost deserted when I looked out at breakfast time. It wasn’t cold but it WAS windy.

    After breakfast, drying and washing clothes, we headed off to the Tourist Information Office. One person was manning it, and she admitted that it was the last day before it closed down for the season! The only attractions she recommended were Kylemore Abbey and Connemara National Park.

    Kylemore Abbey was only about 18 kms away so we headed off there with all haste. Wow! What a great place to visit. The walled garden, in a process of being renovated since 1995, was simply spectacular. Mitchell Henry, the owner in the late 19th century, was a visionary for sure. The building of the place, the materials used, and the heating system he had in place to ensure that exotic plants could be grown was extraordinary. He even had a hydro electricity plant in place at a cost of 2000 pounds.

    After going around the gardens we headed for the Abbey, which was Mitchell’s castle. It had been taken over by the Benedictine Sisters in 1920 and was turned into a school, both boarding and day, junior and senior. In its time it would have been quite progressive, but unfortunately was closed down in 2010 due to building problems.

    We then called in briefly at the Connemara National Park before heading back to Clifden. We plan to call back there tomorrow when it is a bit less windy and therefore safer.

    Dinner was pasta and wine, preceded by cheese and bread, and Scrabble was played. As usual Robyn won, at the last minute.
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