• Day223


    August 12, 2017 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    What a nice journey. My first time traveling in Sri Lanka by train. It's amazing, like the pictures you know from documentaries. The train is fully stuffed with people. Even outside the people hanging at the windows. During my ride I booked a hostel a bit outside of town. Have to walk after the 4 hours ride. I met Andrew and Hanna, a Canadian-German couple. The stood in a hostel in the other direction.

    My hostel is very nice. It called city center hostel, what's a bit weird because the city is 15 minutes away. In the front of the hostel is a small bakery.

    Kandy is a nice place. Everything is great because it's located in the Highlands. So very mountainous.
    I enjoyed the local food like roti with Dahl. Spent a lot of time with hiking or visiting temples. There was this temple in the hills with this huge white Buddha. The statue is impressive the temple less. I decided to visit the temple of the sacred tooth, a huge Buddhist temple in the city of kandy. It's a great place to spend time but with almost 10€ entrance fee pretty expensive and you have to pay more when you want to visit the museums in the area.

    Three days later I did my way to Arugam Bay to meet Jess.
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