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  • Day238


    August 27, 2017 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    This will be another lazy afternoon... Four hours to trinco. A nice place for snorkeling and hanging out at the beach. So they told me....
    I'm excited.
    Trinco is a small city with many shop and restaurants. Most of the tourists are going to nilaveli so the town is relaxed and the beaches there less crowded. Just the locals were the for bathing.

    The hostel I choose is ran by Chinese. So most of the guys overthere are chinese tourists. I don't mind, they were kind.
    I booked a snorkeling tour with the hostel and so I woke up at six. We went to pigeon Island, the main snorkeling spot. The reef there is grey, almost dead. Some fish are left and luckywise I saw a black tip reef shark. Otherwise it would be very disappointing.
    The afternoon I went to the fort close to trinco. It's now a military base. You can still visit the fort but I felt very uncomfortable. So I didn't take any pictures.

    The dinner was a gift from the universe. It was incredibly tasty. It was a basic curry but different to all other I had before. Seasonal vegetables and fruits.

    Tomorrow I'm heading to anuradhapura.
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