• Day262


    September 20, 2017 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    We were seven and all to lazy to take the bus to Ella. So we hired a minibus to Ella. It was a bit more expensive but very comfortable. It took four hours instead of seven or eight.

    We booked a room in Tomorrowland, a really relaxed and laid back place. The common room was full of mats and bean bags. At the outside were hammocks and tents. The only issue was the distance to the town. You had to take a tuktuk or the bus.

    First evening we went to little Adam's peek. It was a nice hike after sitting in the car the whole day.
    The universe was good to us. Like always. The weather was very good and the view we had was amazing. The three girls and Philipp and david were good company and I enjoyed the time with them. In the evening we had some booze and went to bed.

    Next morning: breakfast time in the hostel. All guest had food in the common room so it was a great start in the day. Then we went to town by bus to buy some fruits for the hike to Ella Rock. This days was quite warm so the hike took a while. On the top of the mountain we rested a while and had some tea. The view was incredible. You had the feeling you could look to the far seaside. Afterwards someone told me that's possible.
    Back in town we split up, steph, Freya and Philipp went to the cave temple and David, Jojo and me were tires of hiking and we had some booze.
    Later on we met the other for dinner.

    At meanwhile millie and kitty arrived in Tomorrowland. Millie I met in Galle and kitty randomly in the immigration in Colombo. In Arugam im met both again and they told me the are siblings. Funny how life is. We had a great day and the day after we left.
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