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  • Day263


    September 21, 2017 in Sri Lanka ⋅ 🌙 10 °C

    ... A good place to be. The train from Ella to was breath-taking. The scenery of teaplantages, mountains, hills, jungle and a lot of green is like in a dream. Our hostel/guesthouse is a few Kilometer away from the town, so we took the bus. Our group decreased to five. We left max and David in Ella.
    Steph, Jojo and me took one room and Freya and Philipp the second. Philipp had just a short time in sri lanka so he was a bit in a rush. We went the first day to the lipton seat. That's were Mr. Lipton started his company for tea. To reach the viewing point we had to hike for a few hours and 7km. We arrived at the top and saw: clouds. Grey in Grey. We started to late. In the afternoon its mostly cloudy. So we waited for better weather in the nearby restaurant. The coconut sambal, Dahl, and coconut roti were as amazing as the tea.
    It didn't cleared up but started raining. No worries, be happy.
    Tuktuk-time! So down to the tea factory and maybe we could visit it. CHECK!
    The tour was interesting. I assumed that black tea, green tea and white tea were different plants. But the aren't. White tea are the tips of the plant. Green tea is made of the leafs as black tea. But the black one will cutted and fermented while the green leafs are just dried.
    There are although differences in between the black teas. The smaller the leafs are cutted, the stronger the tea. Very small grained tea is cooked in milk instead of water. The middle is boiled in water and mixed with milk or served plain.

    Back in the hostel we did another walk to eagle Rock a nice viewpoint close to the hostel.
    The girls were a bit scared of snakes in the grass. We made a bit fun of it and threw some smaller stones next to them. Mean but funny.

    Seven o'clock. Time for dinner. The family of Viral, the hostel owner, made a delicious rice and curry.
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