• Day275


    October 3, 2017 in Sri Lanka ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    One day in Colombo... With great company you stay longer. So I did.
    Don't change a running system and so I took the same hostel as the last time. City jumbo hostel, very basic, clean and breakfast included. Few minutes after my arrival I met Rosie a girl from the UK. A very pleasant, beautiful one and yoga instructor. We found many subjects to talk about and so the time was running. We cooked in the evening and she sang while I played guitar.
    After a almost sleepless night I decided to change the hostel with her next day.
    In the morning I went to the embassy of China to apply for the visa but it was closed. Open next Monday...

    Back in the hostel we swap the location and had an amazing day in the Parc. Had some dinner and... :-)

    Next day, sightseeing. Temple, Parc and city tour. In the evening we went to the seaside for the sunset.

    Since I'm in sri lanka I played daily guitar, so I improve myself. During the whole time there was maybe one day without my guitar.
    So I played guitar, the guys from the hostel sat next to me and apparently enjoyed the sound. We played cards and drank some beers.

    On Saturday I was looking for a massage center. Quite easy to find, not easy to pay. It's the capital city and very costly. Near the beach I found a place. Apparently a serious spa, very clean, not cheap, but I didn't need an appointment. In the spa I could choose my therapist. Quite common in sri lanka if more then one is free.
    The first half of the hour was gone and it was a very relaxing massage without any offer...
    Suddenly the curtain was lifted and the colleague of my therapist came in. Nothing special, because that happened several times in Thailand. But now I had two pairs of hands on my back and they offered me a "special relaxing massage" for just 10000 Rupees.
    To this point it was relaxing enough and refused the offer. They started to convince me and decreased the price: 10000 for both of them. Still No! Apparently a word they don't hear often. So they insistently tried to convince me that I take this relaxing thing...
    I left after half an hour though I already paid. But now I can say, I have seen two pairs of sri Lankan boobs. 😁😁 was nice to see, but I still do not pay for things like that.

    The company of the guys was awesome and I decided to go with Konner and Sasha (Canadian and British) to hikkaduwa instead of going to midigama with rosie. (rosie was very focused on her yoga and with every day she was more distanced.
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