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  • Day291


    October 19, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    My first train ride in India. The night was not the best one, my room mate from south Korea was drunk and noisy. He smelled like a whole liquor store.
    Anyway, half past six I stood up and packed. I did some small yoga exercises and waited for Senthil to pay the room. But he wasn't there, so I stored the money somewhere and wrote him. I went to the station, purchased a ticket and senthil arrived to say good bye ...

    If you think trains in sri lanka are stuffed and the possibility of more people in this vehicle doesn't exist, try a train in India. Pictures of people hanging at the outside of the train are quite common. There is just one rule: survival of the fittest. It's pure chaos. None could leave the train without fighting against the storming passengers towards the train. Incredible. For six hours I stood.
    As I arrived I needed to move. So I walked to my hostel. It was 2km away, but the walk was good.
    My guesthouse, hotel, hostel what ever it is, is OK. Far outside the town and very quiet. The stuff spoke barely English so it was challenging to get what I needed.
    As in most parts of Tamil Nadu I saw less white tourists. Maybe it's because of the off-season or its a less common spot for sightseeing. I don't know...
    I went out for some temples and someone told me I'm not allowed to enter with my Sarong or lungi, how they call it here. Either I had to wear shorts or a dothi, a white kind of lungi. So I bought a dothi because I don't like shorts.
    The temple are breathtaking, massive structures raising in the sky, higher than most buildings. The biggest one is the minakshi temple. It took me a half day to walk through. In most of the parts photography was prohibited, or extremely expensive. So I did some sneaky ones.
    In the end of the day I made more than 14km by walking. In the evening I called my family. Gina was happy because she was on her way back home and hadn't to cycle alone. 😉
    Afterwards I talked to mom. I told her about my plan to do a yoga retreat in the north.
    Eventually I went to bed early. The plan was to visit the Ghandi museum which is 6km away. The staff of the hostel told me to take a taxi but I'm on budget and like to walk as well. So I walked. Always an eye on my map and I found the right way easily.
    Some guys told me I can't enter the museum with a doth I. But I tried... And no problem.
    The museum was way more than I expected. It was a huge exhibition from ghandis beginning to his dead. With an amazing background of the Indian history. Very educational and perfect for the heat of the day.
    Here in madurai I booked the retreat in rishikesh and a flight from Chennai to Delhi on monday. It was cheaper then flying from madurai.
    Next morning my train left...
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