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    Mavis and Glover St fort langley

    July 9, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    John Walter Berry and David Moss Coulter, 2 of the original merchants in Fort Langley. they had the general store in Murrayville and in Fort Langley. Murrays corner was where 5 streets intersected, old yale road was one of them. Both were former teachers from Ontario. They were friends with Murray.

    From a website gold rush trail
    An Irishman, Paul Murray arrived in B.C. with his wife and family from Ontario in 1884, and settled near Fort Langley, at what became Murrayville, beside theYale Road

    The Murray's had 3 boys and 4 girls. Billy Murray, the eldest son built the first hotel on the southeast corner of the preemption, in 1887. The hotel has been restored and is today a Bed & Breakfast.

    Travellers Hotel (credit: Branwen C. Patenaude, Quesnel) The Traveller's Hotel, still in use today as a bed and breakfast stop, was the Murray's home at Five Corners in the middle of modern Langley. (credit: Branwen C. Patenaude, Quesnel)
    Today the Encyclopedia of B.C., p.479, describes Murrayville as: "formerly known as Murray's Corners it was an agricultural and residential suburb of Langley municipality 25km southeast of New Westminster. It was named after Paul Murray, who settled there in 1874 and built a hotel on the original Yale Road. A sawmill and store were established in the 1880s. The community was the commercial centre of Langley in the early 1900s and site of the municipal hall and high school before economic power shifted to Langley Prairie."
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