• Day10

    LA weekend

    October 11, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Friday, 7 am meeting point for the LA weekend, but someone is missing. Lili...all of us where sitting already in the bus, when she wrote me, that she just woke up...the story sounds familiar to me. I was sure, we have to drive without her, buuuut....she got it 💪After a loooong drive (more than 10 hours, btw 5 to 6 should be normal...and yes, in the meantime I like long bus drives 😂) wie arrived at Santa Monica Pier. Nice place, growdy and strange people. Next stop at the hotel, the first "nice" one 😉 We walked along the walk of fame, not that special for me, after a few stars it's not really intresting. Than someone stopped us and offered us free movie tickets. Not so untypical to get those offers, but it sounds strange anyway. Valentine from France (speaks veeery less English...I speak soo much as in German, but my main problem is still, that I am mixing the tense everytime 🤩) Anyway, Valentine went with these nice guys in the building, so we followed her. Above the entrance was a huge sign "Scientology" 🙈 I said to her: "Run, run, run" 😂 afterwards she said, she couldn't understand anything. Valentine, Sandra and me went in a bar for this huge cocktail, quite cheap here (Lili wasn't able to join us, because of her age...but she organized herself a joint from strangers 🙈) crazy Lili...and afterwards...time for bed 😴Read more