• Day1


    September 11, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    The day finally arrived, auspicious as it is on 9/11. I've known it for months and we all know that time never stops.
    There are so many unknowns for this adventure compared to previous shenanigans. This one is fo real, with real responsibility and duty. Yet, I know diddly squat about actually living up to that responsibility and duty, let alone actually living in the true North itself! To say there is some nervousness would be a smidge understated.
    But, enough about my scaredy cat musings, on to the actual move! The relocation folks came for my goods a few days ago and I wish I would have packed more. You can never have enough!
    Then, I learn today, that despite the paperwork provided to me outlining that they'll cover 6 checked bags, the airlines don't normally do 6 bags. Only 5. Uh, what? Thankfully, they made an exception and let me check my life into their hands. My ticket also wasn't booked with the notation that a pet was going to be along for the ride.
    The cat only got a half dose of drugs this morning so he spent a fair bit of time with his nose pressed to the mesh of his carrier while persistently trying to rip out the mesh with his claws. Once airborne and less movement around him, he settled pretty good. It also turns out that this hotel doesn't allow pets. I didn't know that. The relocation people booking my stay clearly didn't ask despite me being clear that I was bringing the furball. I actually forgot to mention him during check in and he stayed quiet so there you go. He's with me know, druggedly trying to pull himself on the bed.
    The little things that are happening are indicative of what's in store I think. My hotel says I'm booked through the 13th but my flight leaves a day earlier. Did they book extra nights at the hotel because of the high chance of weather-related cancellations? Or, was it just done wrong? Then, no one mentioned that I'd be unable to get into my house because my flight lands after the housing office closes. No one mentioned this to me or told me I'd need accommodation upon arrival at my final destination.
    I scheduled a tenant 'check-in' the day after I arrive with the person listed as such in an email. When I called to confirm this morning, I was told that was the wrong person I scheduled my check-in with. Wow. Okay. So, it's looking like a lot of things are not real here. Not true for 6 checked bags, not able to get in house, wrong people listed in my emails...
    Seems to be quite a few details just totally left out. This is gonna be fun!!
    Icing on the cake is my action packer tote apparently had a blow out during loading or unloading. Check the pic out. lolol.
    The good news is that I was able to store my baggage overnight at the airport so I didn't have to lug it to the hotel! AND, the baggage buggies are free! See, small things!
    Tomorrow is the big day of actual arrival in Igloolik.
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    Heather Morrell

    Poor baby! I think you forgot to pack his/her arctic coat for the relocation....