• Day21


    September 26, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Pffff, wat een day, what a day!
    Actually let's start with yesterday, it was the day that I walked the most km's in one day up to now. A whopping 29 km! I left in the morning from Ribadeo, where I had spent the night in a hostal, because the albergue was just to cold and gross for my taste. I ended up sharing a room with a woman from Madrid, who was ending her camino in Ribadeo.
    If only I knew about the camino when we lived in Madrid! I am sure a lot of our vacays would have been on the camino, with little Luna and Noah 😂.
    Back to the present...... So yesterday was a pretty nice walk. I was having mixed feelings, because from now on the camino is inland so no more sea, but I must say I enjoyed the walk and even had some extra energy to go a bit further than usual. The last few km's I walked with Yolanda and Hugo, so that also made it a bit easier. We ended in Lourenza, which is a small town with a very beautiful cathedral. I had reserved a bed for the 3 of us in a hostal, and we all had a good night's rest.

    Much needed turns out!! Today's stage was about 26 km's but with a lot of uphill climbs! I died a couple of times 😂😂. Anyway, it was also a nice route but a lot of asphalt, so my feet weren't too happy. When we finally came to the town we had to be in, there was a sign with the name of the albergue I had booked, saying 6 km........ Uhm excuse me????
    6 km by car is nothing, but walking it is 1,5 hours..... I had made a mistake in the location of the albergue...... But no harm done! I called the owner and she came and picked us up.

    Wow, this place is beautiful! They even have a pool, the hospitalera is cooking for us, lentejas my favo, and we have our own room, yolanda, hugo and I. O yeah, and we have 6 kms less to walk tomorrow! Only good things! Love it 😃
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