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Guatemala Volunteering

March - November 2019
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  • Day11


    March 28 in Guatemala ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Volunteering is all done, Jess and I have been sick the last few days, sickness seems to come in waves, feel OK this morning. We are hiking a volcano today and camping on it overnight, through a tour group called wicho and Charlie, great reviews. Weather looks good, we should see lava flowing, and may hike close to lava if conditions permit. I won't be posting anything for a few days at least. Fingers crossed the clouds stay away for some amazing views on this hike.Read more

  • Day6

    Dental clinic

    March 23 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    On Saturday I helped out at the dental clinic acting as a dental assistant. Sterilizing the instruments and getting the dentist's the tools they needed, had to learn some dental jargon to identify the various tools they use for pulling teeth.

    I saw how bad oral infections can get if left untreated, even kids no older than 12 had big infections in their gums caused by rotting teeth.

    Jess did a few cleanings but 90 percent of the work was just pulling teeth and assisting the dentist's so that they were able to see all the people who came, which we did successfully. The people we saw would have walked or hitchhiked from the surrounding rural communities.

    Later that evening we had a big dinner with the mayor and other local people involved with the project. One thing I noticed was that every local drank pop with their dinner and none of the Canadians did. There are junk food stores on every corner, it doesn't make sense how they all can stay in business, but they do.
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  • Day5

    Before and after stove pic

    March 22 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    The picture is quite dark as there are no windows in the room, the only light that gets in is through the door or gaps between the roof and walls. But you can see the fire pit she was cooking in previously was just a raised clay circle that was half broken.

  • Day4

    Pics from 2nd stove day

    March 21 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Description of some of the pics (not in order). Homemade broom, lady showing us how she weaves rugs from grass, and a video

    Creosote buildup from years of open flame cooking. Adobe / mud bricks, which is what houses are built out of with wood headers for doors and the roof. Roofs are tin or the ceramic like curved shingles.Read more

  • Day3

    Broke my phone...

    March 20 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Broke my phone stove building, have a lot of great pics and videos that I will be able to access when I am home. Also it is very difficult to post anything as the wifi in the hotel is outrageously slow. Just wanted to give an update.

  • Day2

    Bus trip to Santa Cruz del Quiche

    March 19 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    The bus is quite nice, each seat has seatbelts, there are 14 of us on the bus including the bus driver, but the bus could seat 20, albeit cramped.

    Driving through Guatemala city reminds of any modern central american city, many nice new cars and the odd beater vehicle. Driving past a burger king, papa john's, Denny's and a McDonalds, the McDonalds parking lot was filled with motorbikes with delivery baskets, so my impression is that the economy in this city seems to be doing well (it's a McDonald's based assessment strategy)

    Have seen some interesting sights, my favorite so far was a small pickup truck with about 25 blue barrels (bigger than oil barrels) stacked in the bed and on top of the cab, the barrels were held in place with small wire fencing. The top of the highest barrel must have been 30 feet high.

    Although we are in a bus driving through the city, I think I would feel quite safe walking the streets here during the day. The only guns I've seen were held by security guards, at banks, in the airport, and an automotive lubricant shop of all places.

    For a city of 17 million people (edit: someone in our group said 17 million people, after looking it up, it's 1 million, which makes way more sense due to no high rises) there are very few tall buildings, the one in the picture is the tallest I've seen.
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