• Day2

    The Great American Eclipse

    August 19, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 75 °F

    Yep, we did it.

    We drove to another state, just to see a totality eclipse.

    After eating breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, we left the Cracker Barrel, and the minivan, and took I-25 all the way to Platte River RV and Campground in Glenrock Wyoming, about 20 miles east of Casper. We had made reservations in approximately August 2016, before we had even bought our truck or fifth wheel. At that time, they were already full in the campground area, and we were in an overflow area, which was just an open field close to the campground.

    It was not as crowded as we had feared - we were not packed in like sardines, and we had plenty of room to put out our awnings, and even our back porch for the first time ever.

    Our solar panels worked very well, in their first location with real sunshine (while parked in our backyard, it was between the house and the trees). In fact, the batteries may have gotten to 100% charge just on the drive to Wyoming. One of the campers near us had a small trailer full of gas cans, so that they could run the generator very frequently. We paid $25,000 for a set of solar panels and batteries so we didn't have to.

    We started with just Cindy, Brad, and Daniel, for the first night. On Sunday night, before the eclipse, we were joined by two friends and their daughter. They only stayed one night, and joined the hordes of people driving home after the eclipse on Monday. It took them roughly 12 hours to get home to Boulder, Colorado, for what should have taken three or four.

    On Sunday night, the six of us went to Ayres Natural Bridge Park in Douglas. It is one of very few Natural Bridges with water flowing under it. We skipped rocks, climbed up the bridge, and generally just enjoyed the evening.

    The main attraction, the eclipse, was out of this world. It did not get anywhere near pitch dark, but was a deep twilight, with sunset 360° around. It got noticeably cooler, but we never heard the crickets or other animals making night time noises. Brad may have seen the space station photo-bomb in front of the Sun.
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