• Day178

    Transatlantic Crossing: 13 Relaxing Days

    October 26, 2018, North Atlantic Ocean ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Altogether, we had eight days at sea. We set our clocks back about every other night after leaving the European coast. An extra hour of sleep would have been nice, but it was hard not to get up when we woke up around 6 a.m. Sea days consisted of a nice breakfast buffet, exercise (the walking track or promenade deck and/or the gym), Latin or line-dancing, reading, lunch buffet, naps if we wanted, and Dean went to a lecture series on forensics. After dinner was a view of the sunset over the waves, a wonderful show every night, followed by watching dancers or karaoke singers. Then we were rocked to sleep by the waves. Unfortunately, I caught a cold, but used some Chinese herbs bought at the spa/health center, and it was mostly gone in three days.

    The ship was full, and we met some interesting people. Many Europeans take this cruise to spend time in Florida, some for the whole winter! Some Floridians were on a Mediterranean cruise right before the Transatlantic cruise, so they were cruising for almost a month. Thirteen days was enough for us. We enjoyed it so much, but were looking forward to returning to Arizona.
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    Looks like a beautiful ship-a relaxing way to travel. I have enjoyed your blogs! Thanks for sharing. SC


    Thank you so much for following along--we've enjoyed your feedback!