• Day1


    July 4, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Headed to Goulburn first. Did the obligatory service centre stop at Marulan because I can't pass this place without stopping for a roast beef and gravy roll. Give it a go if you're driving by!

    Once I got to Goulburn I decided on a whim to scoot up to the War Memorial. It's that tall tower thing plonked on the hilltop that you see when you first drive in to Goulburn. When driving through Goulburn in the past, I never really bothered to work out what it was - for some reason I thought it was an old lookout for escaped prisoners or something (ha!). But anyway, went up there and got a nice view of Goulburn, but as I was alone and there was nobody around, it felt a bit creepy so I didn't stay too long.

    Zipped into Goulburn town itself and engaged in another tradition - a quick shop at Dimmey's. If you've never bothered to have a poke around, I highly recommend it! I picked up a pair of grey cords for $2.99! I love the random stuff they have there, and now make it a regular stop off whenever I pass through.

    I also did the obligatory drive-by of the Big Merino. I'd only ever driven past before - I'd never driven in to have a look around. I was quite surprised at the er, *detail* that they included at the rear of the sheep. :P
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