• Day225

    Maya Joins The Trip!!

    December 27, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We so loved the joy that Pedrito gave us in his short time and we were looking forward to the rest of the trip with him, that we decided we should get another doggy companion. We left the RV park and drove back to the beach where we found Pedro, and saw what we think was his aunt and cousin. It didn't seem right to separate them and we didn't want to risk the same thing happening so we contacted an animal shelter and went round to meet the beach puppies that had been abandoned. They were adorable! The litter contained a mixed old bunch, and we never knew that they could have multiple fathers.

    We chose a dog called Pinta, which means paint as her paws and nose have a splash of white. She's a brindle coloured, and has lovely soft short fur. We weren't enamoured with the name, so we decided to change it to Maya which won out narrowly to Paz (as she came from La Paz). The vet reckons she's about 3 and half months old, and is a lot bigger than Pedro although she shouldnt get too big.

    We went to the vets the next day and got her jabs done. She was pretty zonked for the rest of the day so we decided it was a perfect time for the ferry crossing.

    We'd been putting off the ferry, partly as it had been fairly windy but also as it would mean leaving behind the Baja. It was supposed to be an 18 hour journey, and being skinflints we opted for the commercial ferry rather than the more luxurious tourist one. It meant we slept in the van on the top deck, but there were hot meals and showers so it wasn't too shabby. There was a rumour there was another camper on board but you couldn't see it with all the lorries (aka trucks/semis), and they didn't come and hang out with the drivers like we did.

    There was a bit of a roll going on at some points throughout the night but a combination of alcohol and drugs made it plain sailing (sorry, bad pun!). As we woke we were pulling into port so more like 14 hours and certainly not the crossing we were dreading.
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